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Decomplicating Healthcare Through Digital Content.

UCare was looking to decomplicate and simplify Medicare for potential members and their loved ones. They were already hosting in-person Medicare meetups where people could ask questions, and knew how important these face-to-face interactions were for building trust. They asked us to create a digital alternative to these events.

Bite-sized webisodes

We took the brand’s well-known 5-seater bike and team and had them hit the road. Our team concepted an original web series that was equal parts educational and entertaining. In the series we followed UCare employees across the state as they sat down with ordinary Minnesotans to discuss their Medicare needs and answer questions.

Creating the UCare Meetup Experience

We dove into the consumer journey for three Medicare audiences: new members, those looking to switch plans, and family or caregivers. Our team identified content needs for each of these audiences—such as common questions, concerns and motivators—and developed a 5-part web series that gave each of our audiences the information they needed in a friendly, digestible and human way. The videos were broken into chapterized sections, allowing viewers to choose the topics that felt most relevant to their needs. 

We then designed a Meetup Experience landing page where consumers could view the web series, shop and compare plans, learn more about Medicare and find in-person events.


  • Landing page had a 22% conversion rate for desired actions (video views, shopping plans, making phone calls or scheduling a meetup)
  • 1500 webisode views across all 5 videos
  • Equal play across videos showed content was compelling for all audiences