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2023 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s In and What’s Out.


We asked our team to share their thoughts on this year’s top digital trends. See what’s in, what’s out and what it’s all about.

IN: Interactive video

OUT: Passive content experiences

Interactive video and CTV ads are changing how people engage with your brand. With the ability to include swipe carousels, brand trivia, QR codes and more, you can deliver high-impact creative and real-time CTAs.

IN: Embracing AI tech as a tool

OUT: Thinking AI will replace us all

One of the most talk-about digital trends and the most controversial. The way we see it, AI technology like Chat GPT is only a threat if you fail to embrace it. Instead of resisting the change, consider it a valuable tool to help you grow smarter, faster. Test AI-generated writing tools to help speed up first drafts or catchy pesky grammatical errors; use AI-generated images for mood board inspiration. A human touch will always be important—AI might just make it easier.

IN: Quality content creators

OUT: Quantity of influencer followers

The quality of your content will always be the thing to make or break performance. That’s why when working with influencers, it’s so important to identify quality creators who resonate with your target audience. A million eyeballs don’t matter if the quality or authenticity is missing. You are much better off investing in many micro-influencers who can deliver meaningful messages to specific audiences.

IN: Knowing what your dollars are getting you

OUT: Thinking about budgets in silos

When it comes to digital trends, we’ve seen this one before. As budgets tighten, you can’t afford to make decisions blindly. Luckily, technology partners continue to develop new and interesting solutions. By onboarding a single-source attribution tool like Rockerbox, you can get a clear picture of how all your channels (offline and online) are performing.

IN: Conversational marketing

OUT: Waiting three days for legal to approve your response

Let’s be honest. We have become impatient as hell. People demand real-time responses, personalized recommendations and seamless interactions. And did we mention they want it now? Leaning into technologies like Chatbot can help you deliver natural-sounding messages with scale and speed.

IN: Employee advocacy

OUT: Trusting brands at face value

This definitely isn’t a new digital trend, but as people continue to be skeptical of brands’ motivations (hello, Twitter), your employees are your most powerful resource. Find ways to amplify their presence and authentically share your organizational values.

IN: LinkedIn B2B advertising

OUT: Treating B2B audiences like work robots

LinkedIn has grown into a B2B powerhouse. By 2024, they are expected to capture nearly 25% of US B2B ad spending. As you think about using LinkedIn to accelerate your growth, make sure you invest in compelling creative. Because remember, “business people” are just people. They crave creative, engaging experiences just like B2C audiences.

IN: Re-focusing on digital foundations

OUT: Only paying attention to shiny objects

Having the basics in order is the key to your short- and long-term success. A new website doesn’t matter if people can’t find it on Google. A great campaign falls flat if your landing page fails to provide value. Focusing on the foundations like SEO, email, your website, social media and digital ads will significantly improve your overall results.