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Let’s face it, you spend 40+ hours a week at work. In many cases, you see the people you work with more often than your own family. At Ciceron, we think it’s absolutely crazy to spend that much time with a bunch of people you don’t like. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make coming to work something our employees actually love doing. That’s not just conjecture. We’ve been listed as one of Minnesota’s top 100 best places to work five times! What makes working at Ciceron so great? That’s easy! The people who work here — Cicerones, as we call them — truly embody the adage ‘work hard, play hard.’

But what about the work? We love working with our clients. Together we get to work on truly meaningful projects that have purpose, elegance, and, most importantly, results that everyone can be proud of. Our clients work with us for a long time, so we share a lot of trust and knowledge. Your work not only sees the light of day but becomes part of the real fabric of our clients’ lives. This is important to us, them and to their customers as well.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Please submit your resume and a cover letter including what excites you most about this role and why you want to work at Ciceron to: