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Redefining partnership.

Having a positive relationship with your agency matters… A lot.

We focus on providing the best possible partnership in the areas that matter most.


We don’t spend our time looking for applause. We believe good ideas come from everywhere and the only measure of success is whether you get the outcome you need.


The people you see on day 1 are the same people who will care about your business every single day. No c-squad. Just people you can trust.


We’re a “set it and never forget it” kind of agency. Which means we’re always looking for ways to improve and get you even better results.


For work to actually work, you need cohesion across data, media and creative. And between your team and ours. We are in constant collaboration to ensure we’re working strategically as one.


We hold ourselves to measurable results. Even if it means some hard truths, we give you direct line-of-sight to what’s working and what can improve.


We stay on top of what’s next. We bring you the solutions that are right for your business, today and tomorrow.

Our leadership team.

Andrew Eklund Founder & CEO LinkedIn Speaker Bio
Leanne Johnson SVP, Account and Marketing Operations LinkedIn
Nicole Etheridge SVP, Media Group LinkedIn
Kari Helling VP, Agency Experience LinkedIn
Beth Mushel SVP, Agency Growth LinkedIn
Megan Cameron
Megan Cameron Director, Analytics and Marketing Intelligence LinkedIn
Matt Puckett Controller LinkedIn

Bold from the beginning.

Quite literally, a ‘cicerone’ means a trusted and masterful guide who navigates complex journeys. And ever since Ciceron was founded by Andrew Eklund in 1995 (yes, that’s three years before Google hit the scene), we’ve been innovating, leading and helping brands find success in the wild world of digital. That daringness, curiosity and commitment to what’s next lives on today. It’s why our clients trust us and why our technology partners continue to give us access to the latest and greatest opportunities.

inspiration is everywhere.

Curiosity and creativity are the heartbeat of our culture. From green spaces to our Curious Fruit mural, our office is a source of inspiration for ourselves and our clients.

Curious Fruit Mural

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