We create meaningful connections between brands, people, and technology.

Our work with our clients fosters real human connections. Even though the world around us has become so digitally infused, we believe this provides us all with unparalleled opportunities to build stronger human bonds. We bring experience design, technology, and ideas together to breathe new life into our clients’ brands.

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Andrew Eklund
Founder & CEO, Ciceron

I find the ROI on the money spent with Ciceron to be amazing – the level of creative thinking, strategy, and operational efficiency is higher than any other agency partners I work with. They  are very honest about where and how to invest my working marketing dollars – looking for the most effective, efficient opportunities in a variety of media.

Jen Swanson
(formerly) Director of Digital Marketing, Children's Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota

The Proven Digital Ecosystem

Building brand advocacy that scales.
Strategy Experiences Marketing

A well-crafted digital strategy fuses data, customer desires, and good old fashioned smarts.

Strategy & Planning

Creating Experiences

At the center of great design is a sense of empathy. Elegant user experience anticipates the accomplishments of real people, meeting them in the market with the tools, content, and connections to be successful.

  • Experience Design:
    • Audience Research
    • Design & Development
    • Responsive Design
    • Smartphone Apps
    • E-Commerce
    • Website Amplification

Digital Media Group

With a rapidly evolving digital media landscape, it’s more important than ever to work with a partner you trust entirely. As native digital marketers, we take ROI and extraordinary targeting as a way of life. We consider ourselves stewards of your media budgets and performance.

Core Digital Marketing

We bring a level of discipline to the fundamentals of digital marketing that is unmatched. Our digital marketing team works together, side-by-side, in a cross-functional way, sharing insights with one another to make each tactic as high-performing as possible. No silos. No loss in opportunities for continuous learning and improvement in our clients’ core digital programs.

Earning Advocacy

We connect you with the people who value you the most – your brand advocates. We create programs to energize your fans and get them talking about you and sharing their wonderful experiences.

Discovery Through Data

Through our partnerships with IBM Watson and Equals3, we unleash the potential of our clients by augmenting their own intelligence by making the entire organizational knowledge accessible.


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