Curious Fruit Office Mural -

Curious Fruit Office Mural.


Creativity and curiosity are at the center of everything we do. So when we moved into our new office, we knew giant white walls weren’t the vibe for us.

We partnered with the mega talents at UaSi Creative to design an original mural for our open workspace. The 18-foot backdrop tells the story of fruit as symbols of knowledge, innovation and abundance. From seed, to bloom, to fruit, the Curious Fruit mural depicts colorful and playfully patterned varieties that represent the cyclical nature of life, inspiration and ideas. Diverse species of birds and bees are painted in flight and exploration, highlighting their crucial role as pollinators. This speaks to the spreading of creativity and the connectivity between cultures and communities, local and afar.

Meet the UaSi Creative muralists


Ka Oskar Ly, Christina Vang and Teeko Yang

To “Ua si” means “to play” in the Hmong language. UaSi specializes in Community-engaged Design & Strategy, Cultural Curation & Production, and Public Art Activations to amplify cultural narratives, create more vibrant and engaged communities, and build collective power.