Slashing at the Vines of AI -

Slashing at the Vines of AI.

Time for a brief round-up of where we’re at with practical use cases of current AI offerings. The world of AI is moving at breakneck speed. We spend hours per day studying, analyzing, and onboarding tools through the Ciceron team, so perhaps you don’t have to. As true cicerones (trust and masterful guides who navigate complex journeys), we are slashing at the vines in the jungles of AI, discovering new paths, sources of sustenance, and more efficient ways of getting to our destinations. It’s what we’ve done for 30 years…and this jungle’s dense.

(If you are interested in exploring any tests, please let us know!)

BLOCKBOARD: Finally, the first blockchain solution for CTV and programmatic audio

We have been seeking someone/anyone who will utilize the power of blockchain to solve the problems of ad fraud in the digital advertising bidstream since at least 2021. Everyone knows that places like ConnectedTV/OTT/programmatic audio all have problems with truthful deliverability — some estimates as high as 30-40%! We met the founder of BLOCKBOARD, Tarun Yadav, at the iAB conference last month. They’ve cracked the code! We are just beginning our early tests. It is our hope that the program essentially annihilates bad inventory and allows us to get to 100% media investment effectiveness in CTV, in particular. Cost savings, reinvestment opportunities, and higher conversion rates, everyone! We recommend testing it to benchmark deliverability against any other CTV trading platform, and then track all the way through to your regular funnel for performance.
META AI Tools: Leaning into generative AI for image production and audience targeting
Meta is leaning into AI for a few things out of the gate, largely around generative AI for image production for ecommerce. Creating thousands of images that align to user needs is arduous and no creative enjoys that level of production. AI is perfect for this. In addition, their Advantage+ offering applies machine learning to optimize creative for specific audience types.

Anthropic Claude 3: Long awaited LLM from the highly anticipated company
We’ve really been banging away on Claude, the new AI LLM from Anthropic, a company with a lot of interest and with roots in Google and OpenAI. There are three current models. At this point, we’re essentially running Claude alongside ChatGPT and to see what they’re best at. Claude is very intuitive, quite fast, and integrates your own documents and data seamlessly. Give it a whirl!

The use cases so far that we are laser-focused on:
Media performance. Anything to squeeze truth and performance from media investments using tech that simply wasn’t available until now.
Deep consumer insights. Our AudienceDesign product converts conversations into actionable, real-time insights to create bespoke, custom audience segments.
Production. Duh. It’s happening.