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6 Macro Trends That Could Change Brands Forever.


We are all well aware that the future of advertising, brand building, and consumer behaviors are entering into a time of incredible change. From how we can and cannot target our advertising to whether brands will become autonomous, decentralized organizations that live in a metaverse, trading in brand tokens — well, as you can imagine, a LOT is in flux.

I have spent the better part of a year exploring all the various permutations of this bold new future and have emerged with at least much stronger opinions and quite a few specific predictions based upon what I’m seeing in the larger marketplace. This is no time for the timid, is a good general rule.

I’ve written a comprehensive white paper called 6 Macro Trends That Could Change Brands Forever that I hope will help put some of these major issues into proper context, start conversations, and trigger some inspired forays to several new categories of innovation. Enjoy and please share as you see fit!