LiveRamp’s RampUp Conference Uncovers New Details on Our Cookieless Future

March 4, 2022

After attending LiveRamp’s RampUp event this week, I left completely energized and ready to continue to help our clients march towards a new era in cookieless targeting and better solutions. The event always brings together the top talent from the industry across data, technology, agencies, and brands.

I attended the event 2 years ago, right before everything shut down. That event focused on Google’s announcement that 3rd party cookies were scheduled to go away. There was a bit of an unspoken panic from the panelists and attendees (me included). However, since then, and through a pandemic, the industry has stepped up with advancements, continued to make strides towards better solutions, resulting in the entire tone of this event feeling completely optimistic about our path forward.

First, a post wouldn’t be complete without talking about the upcoming deprecation of 3rd party cookies.

Are we any closer to this actually happening?

No, but solutions are available for testing now.

Why should this be a priority?

First and foremost, absolutely, because this is where the industry is heading, and it is the right thing to do to prepare your brand and be on the right side of data privacy. Second, approximately 40% of the internet cannot be tracked by cookies already, so applying these solutions immediately opens your potential audience base.  

What is available for testing?

1st party data is still at the top of the list for readily available activation solutions by matching data to a unified ID solution, such as LiveRamp’s ATS RampID or The Trade Desk’s UID 2.0. For me, what is more exciting is what is happening on the 3rd party data side. Many clients just don’t have the databases in place to scale their 1st party efforts, and not to mention, there is always a need to reach users outside of your already loyal fanbase. Many cookieless solutions being discussed are centered around cohorts or contextual targeting, but at Ciceron I am focused on finding niche audiences that will truly make an impact on our client’s business goals. I want the data that matters, so my attention has turned to those data providers that have 1st party data on their owned audiences that I can utilize on my client’s behalf through the same match technology already in place from an ATS RampID basis.       

What is the risk?

Scale. Plain and simple, but I don’t consider that a risk not worth taking. Studies have shown that the technology is there, and it works better than 3rd party cookies for identifying the right audiences, but scale may be affected as these authentication solutions continue to gain momentum across Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) and publishers.

What I found fascinating throughout the conference were how the conversations were now shifting to what’s next. The confidence from everyone that all the pipes were being put in place to not only apply cookieless solutions towards targeting, but that this work along with many technology solutions coming together, will also allow us to fully understand how media affects the overarching goals of the advertising dollars at work. The word ‘currency’ was the real thread throughout the conference. The days of buying our media off reach and impressions are coming to an end, and buyers are going to continue to push the envelope in order to buy based on what matters most to them. This may shift to achieving specific metrics from desired audiences – video completions or even conversion or purchase data. Now, much needs to be done in order for the full industry to accomplish this, including adoption from both buyers and sellers, but I find it fascinating and want to be on the front lines of these changes.

Overall, data driven decisions will continue to be at the forefront of marketing. And marketing will continue to evolve towards true customer engagements that can actually be tracked throughout their journey at every touchpoint. I can not wait to continue conversations with our partners regarding all of these current and upcoming advancements and bring new thought starters and solutions to our clients in the future. 

Get ready!  

Jody Biagini, Senior Director, Media Strategy