Beyond Search and Conversion: The Complexity of Journeys -

Beyond Search and Conversion: The Complexity of Journeys.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape under the backdrop of economic uncertainty, the dominance of search is undeniable. The efficiency and directness it offers in addressing immediate needs make it a powerhouse. However, the recent conversation between Megan Cameron, Director of Analytics and Marketing Intelligence, and Andrew Eklund, Founder, unveils the complexity of customer journeys beyond the linear search-conversion paradigm.

Diverse Touchpoints and Full Storytelling:

The discussion challenges the notion of solely relying on search as the primary touchpoint. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the various touchpoints that lead to identifying a customer’s need. The goal is not to favor one channel over another but to narrate the complete story of the customer journey.

Beyond Biases:

A crucial aspect highlighted is avoiding biases towards specific channels. While search might be efficient, it’s not the sole contributor to the customer journey. We advocate for embracing a holistic view that encompasses all channels, from video to content marketing, to match the comprehensive narrative created by people as they learn about brands and their offerings.

Reevaluating High-Cost Channels:

The conversation delves into reevaluating higher-cost channels like video and connected television. Instead of dismissing them based on tight conversion metrics, we argue for adopting the full spectrum of behaviors. Data becomes the storyteller, revealing the compelling impact of these channels, especially in generating awareness and influencing the need states of the consumer. Without these channels, search only converts only the people who know about the brand.

Consideration and Awareness:

Megan emphasizes the significance of consideration and awareness in the funnel. Beyond low-funnel tactics, the dialogue underscores the need for a balanced approach. It acknowledges that not every business can emulate the colossal budgets of brands like Coca-Cola but encourages finding a customer-tailored balance that aligns with specific business goals while remaining within the constraints of budgets.

Customizing the Funnel:

We stress the importance of tailoring the funnel to the unique needs of each business. While there are general mathematical approaches, understanding the intricacies of the customer journey is paramount. It involves connecting the dots between consideration, awareness, and conversion based on the specific dynamics of the business. Each brand, large or small, has a wide-range of untapped signals indicating where and when to be successful in investing across the full customer journey.

In conclusion, the conversation paints a vivid picture of a nuanced digital marketing landscape. It encourages marketers to move beyond the simplicity of search and conversion, embracing the richness of diverse touchpoints and crafting narratives that resonate throughout the entire customer journey. In this complexity lies the key to unlocking the true potential of digital marketing strategies.

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