Kari Helling

VP of Agency Experience

Kari Helling is a long time fan and friend of Ciceron who resisted our overtures to join us for nearly 20 years. There’s this thing about not doing business with your friends. Well, resistance was futile because we needed her, and we like to think she needed us.

Kari leads Ciceron’s account and agency experience, that special sauce that makes Ciceron delightful to work with. She is an agency veteran having led account services and account management at several major agencies, including a long run in Las Vegas where she led the MGM and Bellagio accounts. Hell, if it’s good for Bellagio, it’s good for us. At Ciceron, she works closely with our account services group to ensure that, while we work our tails off, we do so with professionalism, elegance, and delight. Kari also leads our external marketing efforts, our client education events, and, let’s face it, no one pitches better. So she does that too.

Kari, her high school principal husband, and twin daughters live in the heart of Nordeast. She sometimes goes by “Hellcat” and once rode up an elevator with her musical idol Gregg Allman and his tiny white dog in a carrying bag.