Natalie McLaughlin

VP of Agency Operations

The most successful agencies feature a heady mix of freethinking creatives and detail-oriented taskmasters to put their best work out there. Luckily for us, we’ve got at least one person in our ranks who straddles both of those hemispheres with ease.

Whether she’s overseeing her PM team, managing RFPs or introducing workflow tools into our process, Natalie brings over 20 years of experience to Ciceron, strengthening our client relationships and allowing us to produce our most focused and effective work.

She’s been instrumental in the success of brands like Swarovski, Delta, AARP, Samsung, Michelin, Betty Crocker and Rollerblade thanks to her invaluable capacity to lead day-to-day operations, while fostering relationships and building trust across the client/agency divide.

While Natalie’s our Prince-Expert-in-Residence, she also has an end goal of collecting so many cats that she’s appointed to the position of America’s Leading Cat Lady, if only for the glory of having her face emblazoned on everything from mugs to athleisure wear.