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Unlocking the Power of Audience Design: A Conversation with Andrew and Megan.

In a recent video conversation, Andrew Eklund, the visionary founder of Ciceron, and Megan Cameron, Director of Analytics and Marketing Intelligence, delved into the intricacies of Ciceron’s newly minted Audience Design™ methodology. This strategic approach aims to identify and focus on high-yield audiences, akin to a savvy investor selecting alpha stocks.

Audience Design: A Parallel to Investment

Andrew draws a parallel to investment strategies, emphasizing the efficiency of concentrating marketing in on a select few high-performing, bespoke audience segments. In the realm of Audience Design, the goal is to identify and invest resources in audiences through AI-assisted research that will yield the best returns.

Flipping the Analytics Paradigm

The traditional analytics approach involves measuring outcomes after the fact. However, at Ciceron, analytics takes a front-and-center role in the business strategy. The focus is on using analytics throughout the entire process, from inception to implementation, rather than just post-campaign measurement, and then remodel those insights into greater audience discovery.

Megan’s Insights: Understanding Client Needs

Megan highlights the importance of understanding client needs as the starting point for Audience Design. The process involves integrating data from various sources, including platform data, partnerships, and data management platforms (DMPs). Client needs are articulated in their behaviors as long as we mine for this intelligence.

Continuous Testing and Adaptation

The key to successful Audience Design lies in continuous testing and adaptation. Megan emphasizes that audience traits change constantly, requiring ongoing testing and adjustments. This dynamic approach ensures that the audiences are consistently aligned with the established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Embracing Technological Advancements

As technology evolves, the Audience Design process becomes even more dynamic and exciting. Megan expresses enthusiasm for exploring new tools and technologies to identify different audience segments that may not have been initially considered.

Conclusion: A Never-Ending Yet Exciting Journey

In conclusion, the conversation emphasizes that Audience Design is a dynamic and never-ending process. By integrating analytics throughout the entire business cycle, understanding client needs, and embracing continuous testing, Ciceron navigates the evolving landscape of audience dynamics and delivers the highest-performance custom audience segments on which to activate.

This strategic and proactive approach positions Ciceron at the forefront of Audience Design, ensuring that marketing efforts consistently resonate with the right audiences, driving optimal results.

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