Audience Design Spikes Lead Volume for Forest Carbon Works -
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Audience Design Spikes Lead Volume for Forest Carbon Works.

Using practical AI, Ciceron taps into conversational sales data for FCW, leading to advanced audience insights and segmentation. Volume in highly qualified leads blossom!


Where AI meets performance

Just as AI burst onto the scene in 2023, Ciceron leaped into the opportunity to bring more sophisticated targeting and audience insights to our clients. For FCW, we quickly identified a huge challenge: some of the most important information about customers are not captured anywhere in data – conversations between the sales team and prospects. We developed a methodology — which is now the basis of Ciceron’s Audience Design™ method — to capture these conversations and applied AI prompts to decipher deeper meaning and intelligence about FCW’s prospects. With this new information, Ciceron remodeled audience segmentation and launched to a new set of media channels. This resulted in an immediate and sustained new level of lead volume and sales close ratios. Stunning, to say the least!


In addition to the more efficient performance in media, Ciceron has achieved a critical milestone in amassing large volumes of first-party FCW data that will become a strong data currency once cookies are deprecated in Chrome by the end of 2024. Ciceron is now applying its Audience Design model to all clients.



  • Advanced segmentation through Audience Design increased qualified lead volume by 300%
  • Zero media waste achieved
  • New AI-infused audience insights offered creative teams better direction for creative asset development