Modernizing B2B Marketing for a Global Commerce Company -
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Modernizing B2B Marketing for a Global Commerce Company.

Digital River had a decades long history of providing B2B customers with digital commerce solutions. Their marketing efforts had primarily focused on lead generation and they wanted to test if awareness channels (specifically ConnectedTV) would help their overall brand performance.

Surrounding our audience for faster results

CTV was an important piece of the puzzle. But our team quickly identified multiple ways to target and surround our audience with awareness messaging (including some niche B2B targeting capabilities on social) to get the learnings we wanted, faster and smarter.

A modern solution

It all starts with the right message. Our creative team developed an awareness campaign that focused on telling a modernized Digital River story, simply. By centering our message around human truths that mattered to our audience, our bright and energetic videos engaged people in a way that hadn’t been done before. 

Our media team then executed a hyper-targeted digital awareness campaign that expanded on the brand’s current lead generation efforts and surrounded B2B audiences at all the right moments.


  • 2.71MM impressions 
  • 1.96MM video views
  • Total website traffic increasing more than 20% during our campaign dates