Bringing Better Health to Organic Social -
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Bringing Better Health to Organic Social.

MOBE was looking to drive organic social engagement. Specifically they wanted to provide compelling content around their five wellness pillars: healthy eating, sleep, movement, emotional well-being and medications.


Strategic content planning

Our team partnered with MOBE to develop a strategy for content planning and posting frequency. We narrowed in on providing bite-sized education that audiences could immediately put into action, as well as testimonials, recipes and content that helped people get to know the faces behind MOBE. Having a solid plan in place helped ensure all of our content was meaningful and aligned to the brand’s overall goals.

Scroll-stopping creative 

Every week our team concepted, designed and posted multiple pieces of organic creative. Using a mix of illustration, animation, video editing and photography, we flooded their feed with fun, engaging and informative content that helped viewers live healthier lives, and deepened their connection with MOBE.


Our content engagement rate averaged above 8% for Instagram (exceeding the 1-5% industry benchmark!).