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Using Audience-Driven Messaging to Grow B2B.

Össur, a global leader in orthopedics, offers an unparalleled solution for people in need of prosthetic legs. They asked us to look at their B2B sales and marketing process, and identify ways to get more prosthetists recommending  Össur Legs to their patients.


The discovery phase

Our team led discovery sessions with various stakeholders throughout the organization, including marketing, sales, customer care and product development. Through these sessions we began to map out the complex process that occurred when trying to sell prosthetists on the benefits of Össur Legs, and where the process was falling short.

Finding the opportunities 

Once we showed Össur the complex journey that was currently in place, we started to identify some key challenge areas: 

  • There were major differences within the B2B audience and how they perceived Össur Legs.
  • The sales team struggled to make the product feel relevant throughout the year.
  • They were missing out on key moments to engage with audiences based on specific triggers.

We proposed using marketing automation and messaging strategies to help alleviate these pain points, and better support sales and marketing alignment.


Providing the right message

Our team developed four unique B2B audience profiles: The Businessperson, Innovator, Patient-First and Craftsperson. We looked at their professional motivators, mindset, concerns and tech readiness, and how Össur Legs could help meet their needs.

For each marketing automation recommendation, we developed an in-depth messaging framework that broke out key messages by audience. These included detailed frameworks for seasonal messaging, nurture campaigns with flighting recommendations by audience segment, a series of crisis point communications (such as when a prosthetist has a technician quit), and re-engagement messaging to be sent after prosthetists communicate disinterest to the sales team.


The result

In the end we identified 14 opportunities within their process where marketing automation and audience-driven messaging could increase engagement and growth with B2B audiences. Recommendations were divided into high, medium and low priority, giving the team an actionable roadmap for long-term success.