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Testing New Channels to Drive Medicare Enrollment.

Medicare members become eligible at age 65. UCare wanted to reach people 1–2 years prior so they would be ready to enroll as soon as they qualified. To make their efforts more successful and go beyond traditional advertising, we needed to get people to visit and engage with the UCare website.

Testing a new channel

Our team recognized that to drive the level of action required, we’d have to explore new digital media possibilities. This unique challenge was the perfect opportunity to test Google Discovery Ads, an emerging channel for UCare.

A no-stress solution

As part of our total media plan, we targeted our highly focused audience with a mix of Google Discovery Ads. These placements used already-produced creative assets, meaning they could test a new channel with zero additional stress on their busy internal teams.



  • Google Discovery Ads had the lowest cost per conversion of any channel
  • Medicare compare plan website activity was up 258% vs. the previous year 
  • Google Discovery Ads led to more than 400 Medicare shopping actions
  • UCare gained valuable learnings about an emerging channel and Google Discovery Ads is now a regular part of their media approach