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A Smarter Way to Nurture and Scale Leads.

Vonage Business was driving more leads than their sales team was able to support. Instead of hiring more salespeople to solve the problem, they asked us to develop a sophisticated marketing automation and nurture program that would allow their sales reps to focus, prioritize and work smarter.

A business-to-human approach

To start we needed to challenge the way they were thinking about leads. In fact, they needed to stop thinking of them as “leads” and instead think of them as people. Our team developed decision profiles and journey maps that gave us a clearer picture of their needs, actions, and behaviors.

Bringing the data together

By combining our decision profiles with everything we learned from the sales team and Salesforce customer data, we built a sophisticated automated marketing program to funnel prospects and leads through the journey toward becoming new customers. People were placed in one of over 25 messaging streams with automated triggers based on specific actions and behaviors. This program also aligned with offline sales activities to ensure we were supporting the entire lead generation process. Within the program we were able to flag key opportunities which could then integrate into and inform Vonage Business’ ABM efforts.


Our efforts maximized ROI by improving conversion and close rates.  

  • The program contributed to nearly $1MM in revenue within the first month post-launch.
  • The program identified a new revenue stream, directly closing $230K in revenue from leads previously marked as “closed lost” and no longer managed by a sales rep.

Winner of the Communicator Awards

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